5 Day Holiday Relationship Tension Challenge

Receive 5 short daily lessons that equip you with the tools you need to experience the holidays you long for and set you up for success before the craziness even begins.

By the time you're opening gifts on Christmas Day, you can create the connection you crave!

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December 1-5, 2022

Do you want a holiday season where you and your spouse feel connected, united, and like partners amongst the hustle and bustle?

this year you can leave behind the expectations, frustrations, and disappointments of the holidays. this year can be different.

every day for 5 days, i'll teach you a new tool and give you a quick application so you can create the connection you long for this holiday season.

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I'm Julia, your new relationship bestie.

I am passionate about helping couples communicate their way to a great relationship. Because when they can communicate in a way where both partners feel seen and heard they can literally overcome any challenge in life together.

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Set yourself up for success before the craziness begins.

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