Tired of feeling disconnected in your marriage? Ready to start understanding each other?  

It's possible for you to move from surviving your marriage to enjoying the marriage you've dreamed of... the one you may not even think is possible for you right now. Through open & honest, totally renovated communication, your passion and connection can grow to depths beyond your imagination... And I can teach you how.

A Communication Renovation System For Couples

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My husband & I were feeling disconnected as we kept butting heads & shutting down in difficult conversations. We felt lonely because we didn't know how to have meaningful conversations.

HE OFTEN FELT LIKE:                      
• I was trying to fix him                  
• Could never make me happy              
• Manipulated & controlled           
• His sexual needs went unmet                    

 • I was carrying all the weight
 • I got the leftovers
 • Under appreciated & unloved
 • My emotional needs went unmet

Sometimes we felt little more than roommates... but honestly, roommates do more together and have more fun with each other than we did!

We could go through periods of closeness and intimacy in our marriage but weren't sure when those were going to end due to some conflict happening. We didn't feel like we could trust each other to resolve tough situations.

I know it's possible for you because we've been there (and back).

When Jeff & I had differing opinions, we would fight to get our own way or to be right. We blamed each other for what wasn't working in the relationship because it was easier to see the problems in the other person. But no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't seem to get the other person to change.

One day, I was losing it on Jeff and saw my expression in the mirror. I was mortified at how hateful & ugly I was being towards the man I love. 

I realized the more I criticized and blamed my husband, the more bitter and angry I was becoming. And that is not who I wanted to be.

We loved each other and yet we struggled to work through conflict.

What I realized is I needed to focus on myself and discovering the spouse I wanted to become.

The proven 3-part communication renovation system course to help you stop butting heads & shutting down and start having open & honest communication that connects you. Because if you can learn to truly communicate, you can work through anything in life together.

That's when I developed



Replacing butting heads & shutting down with open & honest communication.

If so, how does this sound?

Having conversations that actually produce results & lasting changes.



Being teammates working side by side through the challenges of life.


Resolving conflict so past offenses don't keep coming up in new conversations.


Laughing & joking around with each other as you fall deeper & deeper in love.


that sounds amazing

"Marriage Thrive has helped us work through fights we’ve literally had for a DECADE in a matter of minutes."

Aaron & Jen

Are growing again:

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How It Works

It all starts with renovating your communication through the course called Marriage Thrive.


These exercises will help you apply what you are learning & create lasting change.

Going deeper exercises

Get prompts to guide you through weekly times of play and chat with your spouse and fall deeper in love.

couple connections

We start by looking at what disconnecting ways you are shutting down, getting angry, defensive, being needy, disrespectful, unloving or critical of your spouse? Nothing is bad, broken or wrong with you, you just lack an understanding of your inner workings. Once the blinders are removed, you will have new levels of self control so you can "work in your own backyard," choose new responses and connect with your spouse in brand new ways.

This phase helps you filter through the layers of the difficult topics that have been keeping you stuck and gives you new communication tools so that you can know exactly what conversations you need to have, how to have them and how to recover when you start to spin out. 

3-Part Communication Renovation System

Foundational Phase

The Construction Phase

Learning new things is of no use if you don’t put it into practice. These exercises will help you take what you are learning and actually apply it to your life and relationship. Through investigative questions and exercises, you will gain new insight and start putting into practice new approaches to communication so you can produce lasting change. 

Going Deeper Exercises

It is easy to learn something new, but then get frustrated and give up when you don’t get the results that you want. Lasting change comes through practicing the new skills and seeing the small nuances so you can make the necessary adjustments to transform your communication & start thriving.

The Development Phase

All of that and more *is* possible for you (seriously!), and you'll learn how to get there with the Marriage Thrive

Communication flows when we feel truly connected, but in most marriages, time to connect is in short supply (and often when you do have the time, it goes south quickly!) 

 Each Marriage Thrive lesson comes with conversation prompts and date ideas to guide you into weekly 30 minute play and chat times with your spouse. Laughter and play are the glue that make even the toughest challenges bearable.... And these connections times are designed to help you keep falling in love over and over again

Guided Couple Connections

Make united decisions together that you both feel aligned with and ready to partner together in.

Leave conversations feeling understood, appreciated, and confident in new results.

Be able to clearly articulate what you want & need to say in a respectful way. 

Look forward to conversations with each other no matter how difficult the topic.

Be working through conversations that have felt impossible to have in the past.

Be growing deeper in love and connection with each new conversation.

By the end of Marriage Thrive, you will...


"We went from dreading difficult conversations to *looking forward to* them!

And the best part is that within two weeks of being in Marriage Thrive, we were laughing and having fun with each other again!

Brandon & Chrissy

transformed their communication

"After 42 years of marriage, we are blooming again!"

As we apply the tools in Marriage Thrive and do Private Coaching calls with Julia, what we are learning about ourselves and each other is nothing short of miraculous. We are having connected conversations with each other and our loved ones as we listen, trust, and communicate in new ways.

Nathan & Michaela


"We went from barely surviving to new depths with each other we had no idea were possible."

We are still learning and choosing open & honest conversations which aren't always easy, but we see what can come from these types of conversations, we realize how much our relationship won't survive without them. If we had not done private coaching with Julia, we would have been so sad if we had missed out on what was possible for our marriage.

Michael & Katelyn

Feel Truly connected

Hundreds of Couples Like You Are Experiencing Results like *THIS*

We don’t want the fights to linger anymore.  We go out of our way to work and talk and resolve issues.  It’s amazing how much things can shift when you hold yourself accountable and don’t let someone else’s emotions dictate yours.

Marriage Thrive is helping me communicate better. Before I would fall into the racket that I only had one choice for different situations, but now I’m beginning to look curiously for the possibilities that we can talk through!

I think the most profound impacts are in the way we communicate with one another. It has shifted both of us into a mentality of self reflection that has enabled us to find the blindspots in our own selves to better address the blindspots in our marriage.

I've gotten a new vision of what marriage can be like for us — not a freedom from fighting or misunderstandings, but freedom from those fights or misunderstandings controlling our life.

Before we use to be in a constant critique of each other, now we’re focused on staying in our own back yard, owning ourselves.

Our conversations have been able to go deeper than ever before.  To think that our convos have only really been surface level for 15 years blows my mind!

Just a few of the results you could be experiencing in just 4-6 weeks...

more real feedback from couples like you:

You are not alone! In Marriage Thrive, you have access to Transformational Coaches to help guide you to the thriving lifetime marriage you long for. We believe this support is vital because renovating your communication and growing your marriage can be uncomfortable, I know. Our coaches, won't tell you what to do, they will encourage you, support you, give you feedback when you request it, and generously listen when you need it. Because we believe the answers you need for your relationship are in you and sometimes you just need help locating them.

As a couple, you're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like us, you need help to go to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

This is your day. This is the time to go after the marriage you long for. This is where it all begins.

I'm Julia, your new relationship bestie.

I am passionate about helping couples create thriving lifetime marriages because when spouses feel connected and on the same page, everything about their whole life is just better. 

hey there!

I often felt ashamed of my reactions.

I grew up never wanting my parent's marriage, and while Jeff & I really loved each other, each disconnected conversation seemed to push us further apart. I often felt ashamed about how ugly my reactions could be towards the one I loved. I feared that my desires were not possible.

But what I didn’t know was once I learned to communicate openly & honestly, I experienced even MORE than what I originally dreamt was possible. In 30 years of marriage, I am blown away by desires I had decided weren't possible are actually now our reality, like my husband being romantic and actually wanting to have deep conversations (which he said would never happen!). Being able to truly see and hear each other is a brand new concept for both of us, and it has been a complete game changer!

What I know is that if this is possible for us, it is possible for any couple!

but it wasn't always this way.

This course is the only one of its kind because...

IT guides you every step of the way

By testing this system one conversation after another within my own marriage and with the thousands & thousands of conversations with the couples I coach, I have developed a proven-to-work approach that builds layer upon layer allowing couples to truly experience a Communication Renovation. 

As a couple you get to move through the 3-step Communication Renovation process and begin experiencing small wins right away, which helps you gain confidence and hope to keep moving forward. With the Going Deeper Exercises, you will actively experience new ways of thinking, responding, and communicating with one another. And the best part is the Couple Connections where you will give and receive with your spouse as you weekly offer yourself through times of play & chat with your spouse.

It teaches that There is not one ideal marriage - You get to Dream, design, and choose yours

What brought the two of you to fall in love with each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together is uniquely beautiful. At the start of Marriage Thrive, you will be asked to describe the specific marriage that you long for. What you want is different than what another couple wants and that is a beautiful thing. 

Each step you take in Marriage Thrive will focus on your desired marriage. Rather than focusing on the past or what hasn’t worked for you, the focus will be on your desired future. When you get clear about the marriage you long for, it becomes like a north star lighting your way. There is not one right way to have a thriving lifetime marriage. There are endless options and that is what is so unique about Marriage Thrive - it simply invites you to become the best version of who you are together.

This course includes everything you need to thrive in marriage.

The results you get are up to you and your willingness to fully give yourself to growing a marriage worth having. The truth is that difficult conversations don’t go away, they just get harder to have. Your commitment to finding a way to have them now will determine the future of your marriage. 

Becoming the spouse you are proud of being.

Building a communication system that will allow you to connect in every conversation no matter how difficult.

Learning to fight for your marriage rather than fighting for yourself.

Building a thriving marriage that your children look up to.

Healing the past so you can spend your precious time enjoying the present & dreaming of a future together.

Gaining the confidence that your partnership for life is solid and that together you can work through anything

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style

GROW YOUR needed

Follow a proven roadmap

Try My Program for 15 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

We know you’ll love Marriage Thrive and the lasting changes it produces in your marriage. In fact, if you don’t feel it is serving you in renovating your communication and building a thriving marriage after 15 days of enrolling and completion of everything in the first three sections of Marriage Thrive, we will give you your money back.

money back 


This      for you if:

You love your spouse

You prefer to Keep blaming your spouse

YOu long for a thriving marriage


you're ready to work on you

It's probably       for you if...

YOU don't want a Thriving lifetime marriage



It's probably
for you if...

Before we wouldn’t have been able to get past an argument and it would ruin the week. Now, we are able to move past it within an hour...

Or we're able to come back to it and revisit it without either side feeling betrayed or upset. We are able to recognize patterns more easily and apologize and restart or try again when we see we’re heading down an unwanted path.

Steve & Whitney

resolve conflicts so much faster

Yes, It *Really* Works...

"We were on the fast track to emotional divorce and this process saved our marriage."

We didn’t know what to do as we kept having so many conversations that ended up in the same place every time. Now we are breaking those old cycles by learning how to be honest with ourselves & each other. Working with Julia has been life-changing. We have so much new joy and excitement to be on this journey with each other.

Buddy & Jill

saved their marriage

"We now know exactly what questions to ask to get unstuck in conversations!"

We knew there was a lot of things we weren’t talking about. Our common response was, "I am fine," and then we would move on because we didn’t know how to go deeper with each other. Since working with Julia, we are learning how to be honest and choose growth. We are much more peaceful and confident in our relationship.

John & Kaylee

gained peace & confidence  

Join Hundreds of Couples Like You Who Are Transforming their Communication, their Marriage, their Lives, and their Legacy...


with Marriage Thrive 

Let's Do This Thing!


Frequently Asked Questions

We've worked with a marriage counselor before, how is coaching different?

Counseling gives you an opportunity to talk about your past and how it might be affecting you now. Coaching focuses on the future you long for and looks at whether the choices you are making now are taking you away from or towards that future. 

How much time will I need to fully participate in Marriage Thrive?

Because it is work at your own pace, you get to decide that for yourself. The optimal option is to give Marriage Thrive about 90 minutes a week which gives you time for the course work, Going Deeper Exercises & your Play & Chat Times as a couple.

What is coaching & why would we want to add it to Marriage Thrive? 

We can't transform what we can't see. Our certified Transformational Coaches will help you get to the root of what is blocking you from the marriage you want in a way that produces lasting results. 

My spouse isn't currently interested in doing Marriage Thrive, but I want to grow my marriage. Can I do it without them? 

Yes, it is not uncommon for one spouse to join Marriage Thrive and work on taking responsibility for their choices. The beautiful thing is it only takes one spouse changing their steps in the dance to create a new dance. And often the spouse who wasn't originally interested sees so much change in their spouse, they suddenly are interested in participating. 

Can we add coaching to Marriage Thrive? 

Yes, if at any point you get stuck or want support, you can add 1 on 1 Coaching Calls to support you as you work through Marriage Thrive. You will find access to that inside the course.

We are not married. We are dating or engaged, can we still do Marriage Thrive? 

Absolutely. Gaining these tools as you move towards marriage is the best investment you could make into yourself and each other. Some couples do this in place of premarital counseling. 

How long will I have access to Marriage Thrive? 

You will have continued access as long as the course is in existence. 


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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your marriage is an important one! Your marriage is either dying or growing, and it is up to you to find exactly what you need to nurture it.

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